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News > Conference on the 100th of Anniversary of Iran-Switzerland Relations

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100 Years of Diplomatic Relations of Iran and Switzerland

Conference on the 100th of Anniversary of Iran-Switzerland Relations

Following the signing of Iran-Switzerland Friendship Treaty in 1874, Mr. Sahmoddin Khan Zoka-o’ddowleh was appointed by Ahmad Shah Qajar as the first Iranian Minister Plenipotentiary in Switzerland. He started working in 1919 in Bern. Accordingly on November 4, 1919, the Swiss Federal Council also ratified the establishment of the first consulate in Tehran. Therefore, Mr. Heinrich Hildebrand the President of the Iranian-Swiss Commercial Company was appointed as the Honorary Consul in Iran. This is how the diplomatic relations between the two countries began. The conference was held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Iran- Switzerland relations, along with the exhibition of documents at the Center for Political and International Studies on December 2, 2019. Exchanging views on the history of the two countries and also exchanging historical and diplomatic experiences were the achievements of the conference. The three components of the continuity of the two countries" relations, despite international developments, the block building factors of bilateral relations, as well as attraction were the significant elements in Iran-Switzerland relations.

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