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Institute for Political and International Studies affiliated to the Iranian Foreign Ministry is responsible for developing knowledge on international relations and enriching the literature on foreign policy. IPIS implements this aim through providing a forum for discussion and exchange of views, encouraging research and study and presenting analyses and viewpoints in this regard. Furthermore, IPIS holds international conferences, seminars and bilateral and multilateral roundtable discussion, executes research and study projects, authors and translates books and publishes various quarterly journals. IPIS has also a great role in exchanging views with other countries. Within the framework of I. R. Irans norms and principles, IPIS aims to achieve the following goals:
• Conducting research on the foreign policy issues
• Production of literature on international relations
• Contribution to the implementation of I.R. Irans foreign policy
• Providing foreign policy decision-makers with scientific and analytical reports, policy papers, monthly journals, and books.