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The major activities of the IPIS are considered as the following:
A) Holding Meetings and Professional Roundtable Discussions: Holding roundtable discussions and meetings between IPIS and study centers in different countries to discuss mutual and multilateral issues are among the most significant activities of IPIS. As a means to foreign policy implementation, this activity facilitates the problem solving mechanisms and enhancing of relations through informal and scholarly bilateral talks.
B) International Conferences: The themes for IPIS international conferences are taken from current foreign policy issues. While some conferences are held annually, others are on specific issues related to ongoing regional and international developments. IPIS international conferences are recognized and attended by political experts and international scholars.
C) National Conferences: As the leading research institute in the I.R. Iran on foreign policy and international relations, and responsible for several tasks, including monitoring issues and events of the world, IPIS holds national conferences in cooperation with universities and think tanks. In these national conferences, in addition to strengthening the countrys diplomacy activities, IPIS tries to establish close cooperation and interaction with academic elites.
D) Research Projects: The IPIS has the task of defining and implementing research projects on political and international issues. The projects carried out by the experts and researchers are consistent with the priorities and applied policies of the Iranian Foreign Ministry and used by the countrys academic and governmental institutes. Today, the scientific councils of the IPIS, consisting of university professors, I.R. Irans ambassadors in the region, experts and representatives of political departments of the Foreign Ministry, have created appropriate grounds for cooperation and interaction between the diplomacy and foreign policy branches, as well as regional think tanks for the production of related literature. Each year, a list of the research priorities of the IPIS is provided and uploaded on the related homepage for the researchers and those interested to present their research proposals.
E) Scientific and Research Councils: Staff meetings of directors, the scientific councils, strategic councils, weekly brain storming sessions, as well as advisory board on book publication are among IPIS routine activities. These councils and boards supervise and approve research priorities, proposals and programs and authorize the IPIS book publications. In the weekly brainstorming sessions, articles are presented and speeches are delivered by the political and academic figures and prominent researchers on different issues.
F) Speech: A common activities of the IPIS is speeches delivered by national and international political and scientific figures on various international issues. The IPIS invites national and international political figures and scholars to present their viewpoints.
G) Scientific Cooperation and Promotional Activities: The IPIS cooperates with eminent centers and universities inside and outside Iran. The cooperation revolves around common research projects, exchanging researchers, holding joint roundtable discussions and conferences, exchanging books and journals, granting short-term sabbaticals and participating in conferences, roundtables and scientific interviews.
H) Publishing Periodicals: One of the major activities of the IPIS is the publication of journals and quarterly magazines based on its scientific and research achievements. The most significant publications of IPIS are as follows:
Foreign Policy Journal (in Farsi): This quarterly has been published since 1986 with the aim of enhancing the countrys foreign policy literature and also providing ground for presenting the views of intellectuals and experts in international relations and related fields. The quarterly includes articles on topics related to theoretical, political, international relations, international political organizations, international law, and cultural issues.
The Central Asia and the Caucasus Journal (in Farsi): Published since 1992 following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, this journal aims at increasing the scientific and professional knowledge on regional politics, economy, culture, sociology, ethnology, and linguistics.
Events and Analyses Monthly Bulletin (in Farsi): This monthly contains analytical articles and reports on current developments and discussions, the activities of IPIS and selected reports from the main departments of the Foreign Ministry and Irans embassies. This bulletin is vastly distributed within the Foreign Ministry, the Iranian embassies, universities and higher education centers, ministries and related organizations and scientific, educational, and research institutes throughout the country.
Book Publication: One of the main objectives of the IPIS is authoring and translating books on international issues. Each year, dozens of books publish the research outputs of IPIS experts and other researchers. In addition, a collection of papers of international conferences and roundtable discussions are published. To expose the Iranian researchers and academics to the latest works of foreign international scholars, IPIS also translates and publishes different books in the field of foreign policy and international developments. The series of Green Books about countries and international organizations are among the other products of IPIS.