Joint Roundtable with the German Berghof Foundation: Looking into latest developments in Yemen and Afghanistan

The joint meeting between the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) and the Berghof Foundation about the Yemen and Afghanistan issues was held on Saturday, May 14, 2022 ,and attended by
14 May 2022
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The joint meeting between  the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) and the Berghof Foundation about the Yemen and Afghanistan issues was held on Saturday, May 14, 2022 ,and attended by Dr.Mohammadhassan Seikholeslami, President of IPIS and Mr.Oliver Wils, President of Middle East Department of said institute, and a number of studies experts on both sides.


The said meeting was held in the form of two panels “Focus on Yemen Developments”, and “Afghanistan Latest Developments”, to answer the following questions: What are Iran and the EU stances on security status of Yemen? What are the main challenges lying ahead of peace and stability in the Persian Gulf and Yemen? What is the general trend and latest developments of Afghanistan on the regional level? How do you assess Afghanistan’s future, considering the Taliban takeover?

Here are the major developments raised at the session:

*The Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted a pragmatic approach towards the Afghanistan developments , and has kept open its borders , despite sanctions and numerous problems , on the Afghan people, because stability for the people of both countries and the region is of vital importance.

*At present, the major sources of threat in Afghanistan are economic instability, extremism, insecurity and drugs trafficking. Therefore, cooperation for sustainable development and peace as well as countering terrorism and extremism on the regional and international levels are a must.

*Afghanistan needs a political solution to be able to form a comprehensive government based on the Afghan people’s goals. Interaction with the Taliban government for influencing on issues like inclusivity is necessary. But until when the social rights of all women and ethnic groups are not fulfilled, the international recognition of Taliban shall remain as a challenge.

*A comprehensive government in Afghanistan means creation of sustainable government, respect to human rights and creation of conditions conducive to dialogue with opposing voices, political parties and civil society.

*Political solution is the only way to end the Yemen crisis, considering the human suffering now in Yemen. This solution must be based on how we can increase aid and services needed by the Yemeni people, as a key agreement agreed by all parties involved. In this regard, Europe can, through stopping sale and supply of arms aid to the Arab coaltion, lifting the siege and providing humanitarian aid, play an effective role in Yemen.

*The Ukraine war is a significant experience for the Middle East countries for execution of security arrangements without foreign interference. Also, it gives the lesson that reliance on foreign powers for buying security does not lead to them becoming more secure.

*The Islamic republic of Iran believes continuation of war and crisis in Yemen will more complicate the regional situation and render it more instable. Also, the Islamic Republic of Iran backs extension of ceasefire and sending humanitarian aid. Ansarallah is a friend of Iran, but it has always been an independent player in Yemen.              

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