An Examination of Israel’s Goals in Normalizations of Relations

There is no doubt the criminal and racist regime in Israel with a long history of about a century of the most heinous inhumane acts in violation of human rights, especially against the Palestinian nation, in no way is and will be seeking peaceful relations with the Arab world nations.
January 2021
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Mojtaba Ferdowsipour

There is no doubt the criminal and racist regime in Israel with a long history of about a century of the most heinous inhumane acts in violation of human rights, especially against the Palestinian nation, in no way is and will be seeking peaceful relations with the Arab world nations. Therefore, understanding the trends in Israeli hostility towards the Arab and Muslim nations, especially in relation to the anti-Zionist Islamic resistance inside and outside Palestine is of paramount importance. Analysis and full awareness to the evil aims of Israel abort an emotional and sentimental approach toward the Israeli approach of normalization of relations which is aimed at dominating the life and properties of the Arab and Muslim communities.

The racist regime of Israel has been always pursuing evil goals against the Middle East Muslim nations. This makes analyzing the goals aboard the current Israeli approach for advancing normalization of relations with the Arab states necessary, a subject which this article is trying to address.

  1. The fall of the American hegemony, whether arising from the isolation of the country or emergence of a multi-polar world, has left an undeniable truth with the beginning and termination of the Trumpian period. Occurrence of the said truth, on one hand, in the international system, and the US approach based on shifting focus from the Middle East and the Persian Gulf to East Asia to control and contain the rising Chinese power in the military and economic fields, on the other hand, have seduced Israel more than ever into taking over as the proxy police of the region.
  2. Although the U.S.A. , after Britain, constantly sees itself committed to protecting Israel’s security, the commitment has seen ups and downs ,given the paradoxical behavior of Israel against the international community ,especially its rejection of the Palestinian right to sovereignty and ramping up criminal acts against the Palestinians , so much so that the Israeli regime has suffered four internal wars in the Gaza strip since its last external war in southern Lebanon in 2006 and has seen itself boxed in the occupied lands. Therefore, to escape forward, Israel has waged normalizations of relations with the Arab states trying to remove the Palestinian issue from off the agenda of the Muslim and Arab governments.
  3. Birth of this cancerous tumor by the old British colonialism since its inception in 1948 has been constantly synonymous with occupation, racism, crime and infanticide. Therefore, after 72 years since this cancerous tumor emerged, the Arab and Muslim world’s common sense still sees the regime as an ominous, ugly and evil phenomenon. No doubts, one of the reasons of normalization for Israel is to alter its ugly image of occupation and racism to one of peacefulness and pacifism, an image which has not been cleared decades after the Camp David and Wadi Arab Accords from the minds of the free anti-Zionist nations of Jordan and Egypt.
  4. No doubts, the occupying Zionist regime lacks the minimum conventional symbols and governing nature in the international tradition, and looks more like a military canton than a political unit, a camp with a military and security life and forced immigration of the Jews all over the world into the occupied lands and surrounded by military fortifications, Iron Dome Missile Systems and warmongering politicians as the true symbols of the criminal and occupying regime. Now, this regime is trying to beautify its ugly face by distorting history and utilizing superstitious religious beliefs like the Promised Nation and the Nationless Land for the Stateless Nation and the Torah deception of relating the Jews to Palestine.
  5. The normalization of relations process makes the Zionist regime introduce its culture of crime, occupation and racism as a peaceful, democratic, and civilized culture having modern technologies , and therefore, brainwash the future generations of the region into accepting its existence and sovereignty as the savior and arbinger of growth and prosperity for them.
  6. But more dangerous than the mentioned goals is the expansionist approach of the occupying Israeli regime whose idea ranging from Ben Gurion to Benjamin Netanyahu has been centered on colonizing the political, economic and cultural governances from the Nile to the Euphrates.

As an example, let’s have a look at the writings of the Jewish writer who is against the Zionist expansionism, Lamnon Kabliuk, in a French paper in 1982, the translation of which has been published in the Morrocan “Al-Hoda” paper. The piece enumerates the three strategic components of the Israeli regime, as follows:

- Expansionism from Morocco to Pakistan;

- Exploiting the religious, sectarian, ethnic and racial diversity in the Middle East to start devastating wars;

- Exploiting the civil and inter-state wars in the Middle East to disintegrate the states into small weak and dominated political units.


  1. The Palestinian issue, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is among the religious rituals of the Muslims and any betrayal in this regard is like treason to the maxims of Islam like oneness of God and Prophesy of the Prophet and the teachings of the Holy Quran.
  2. The historical experiences of the Egyptian and Jordanian nations have proved that written agreements of normalization of relations are nothing but invalid written state documents and will never be accepted by their nations.

Mojtaba Ferdowsipour, Senior Expert at West Asia and North Africa Studies

(The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the IPIS)  

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