The UK Role in Shaping US Foreign Policy

How to make foreign policy calming by study methods of “others to others” relations Trump was among the politicians who heeded no body. He aspired to rule like the lifelong leaders of China and North Korea.
15 January 2022
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Seyed Vahid Karimi

How to make foreign policy calming by study methods of “others to others” relations Trump was among the politicians who heeded no body. He aspired to rule like the lifelong leaders of China and North Korea. He infringed and rescinded several international agreements and treaties of the US with international assemblies or states and undermined the governing Atlantic and international order and threatened to destroy the international Climate, world health and similar agreements. The only organization that Trump did not manage to dissolve was NATO. The UK deceived Trump by sacrificing China as “enemy”. London “deceived” the US president.

Trump asked for termination of the “free ride” of the allies. He cut the US surplus payments to NATO and took Russia off the frontline of NATO’s “enemy”, and questioned the existential nature of the military pact. He made speeches at NATO meetings against NATO’s political trend and refused to approve its statements. The Europeans, London more than everyone, amazed and worried about Trump derailing the UK policy-making for the NATO, did not have the courage to oppose him. So London decided to “deceive” Trump by “targeting China” at the forefront of NATO, with the help of the NATO secretary general. They told Trump that China was posing an emerging danger to the NATO. Trump resigned and there was no more talk of NATO dissolution.

With Trump leaving the White House and the fire of tensions in Ukraine rekindled, Russia again was put at the frontline of NATO “enemies” and NATO was remodeled on the “pre-Trump policy-making  of London.” US “deception” with all Trump’s wittiness was the masterpiece of UK’s diplomacy, something admirable and necessary to be learned.1

The US is a superpower that can be directed by others, the most important of whom being London. The way to diplomatic containment of America, this Mongol of the day, is through London’s influence. The goal is not blaming one and replacing it by another one, but study methods of “others to others” relations; they can have a low-cost and calming foreign policy. The goal is not reopening a new confrontation line with the UK, but offering “understanding with a different look” to the US foreign policy behavior. The UK and US are influential on the ordinary lives of people and governments of the west, and comprehending the inner layers of the US and UK’s”special relations” could be helping in foreign policy.

Historically, Churchill the 1940s prime minister of the UK deceived his inexperienced American counterpart Harry S. Truman and started the Cold war. As a result, the Europe’s policy center was transferred to Moscow and Washington, and Europe reached the pinnacle of economic prosperity. Then, Macmillan, the 1960s prime minister of the UK, made special the US-UK relations which had been marred following the Suez crisis, or put in other words, put them on the “deception rail” and contained Marshal de Gaulle’s ambitions using the “US’s hard power”. Also, Margaret Thatcher deceived the inexperienced Ronald Reagan and engineered the Soviet collapse. Tony Blair, the cleverest prime minister of the 2000s, employed the inexperienced George W. Bush, to annihilate Iraq and continue the UK’s line of policy in West Asia.

The four deceptions of the US presidents occurred each with 20 year intervals, no “conspiracy theory” or “work of the English”. Whenever at historical crossroads there was a clever UK prime minister in London and a president without political records at helm of the White House, the UK prime minister has managed by “deceiving” the US president to put the US foreign policy on “London’s political rail”. The result of deception of the White House by London has been marring the US status , collapse of the nations and sacrificing countries. Some politicians of the countries victimized directly engage with the US hard power, without considering the UK influence in the White House, ending up the same fate as countries like Vietnam, Japan and Germany went through as clear examples. Boris Johnson, in his speech at the Conservative Party meeting, said:” We will stick to the US and continue the path Churchill went.” Churchill had already told Marshal de Gaulle” Americans have rich resources and do not know to tap into them. I intend to guide them without ignoring my country’s interests.” Churchill’s sentence is the “punch-line of international politics.” Today, the US spends $2 billion in Afghanistan each day and more than 90% of the spending is swallowed by the UK and US employers. “Military, intelligence and atomic intertwinement of the US and UK” have so integrated the two countries’ foreign policy that separating their foreign policy seems improbable. One way out for the tired of chronic problems of West Asia’s people is shifting “field and diplomacy” from London to Washington.

The Chinese politicians, amazed, have declared they do not seek confrontation with the US and asked for partnership in global management with the US. The Chinese officials are wondering why Nato has made China its main target, not knowing London’s goal was to deceive Trump and save NATO. Also, Putin must be wondering why the Ukraine tensions flared after Trump left the White House. The goal of inciting tensions in Ukraine is reviving NATO on the pre-Trump era model adapted to the London wishes.

In the “Iranian Look” to the international politics, another tactic must be thought out. Apparently, the existence of NATO is for containing “west’s enemies” , but the covert goals of NATO are political management of the members by the UK and US, and dominance over the EU and prevention from defense independence centered around France and keeping the US committed in Europe. Margaret Thatcher once said they were not worried about abusing the US power; they were worried about US isolationism and noninterference in the crises and withdrawal from Europe.

We have differentiated between “international politics” and “international relations”. The international politics must be rewritten with an “Iranian Look”. The Yalta Conference and Potsdam negotiations are important. In Yalta, Roosevelt  was present, and in Potsdam , due to the death of Roosevelt , Harry Truman attended the conference. Harry Truman writes:” Roosevelt does not brief me on the Yalta negotiations and I was uninformed.” After meeting with Truman, Halifax, UK ambassador to Washington, wrote of Truman’s inexperience to Churchill;” we can rewrite all the previous agreements of Yalta” ,and as a result “ The Churchill Order” was imposed on the international relations by the “deception” of Truman and the “US hard power” and the Churchill coup in Iran was the first US violation of toppling the countries outside Europe.

“Barack Obama” in his political memoirs writes:” in the Iran coup against Mosaddegh,  Eisenhower  reluctantly accompanied Churchill.” The US gradually became the military wing of the UK in the international relations and similar to the US “deception” occurred in the Blair era. Christopher Meyer, UK Ambassador to Washington during Blair time, writes: when I heard Bush the Junior had been nominated for presidency I went to Texas to “ measure his political temperature”, put another way, to test his “deceivability”. Following the meeting with Bush the Junior, I telexed Blair and he received the news about the grounds for “deception” of the boss of the White House. Iraq invasion was provoked by Blair and without the UNSC mandate and with opposition from Chirac , Schröder and the European Union. In a report , the US Congress wrote the “ US foreign Policy was manipulated.”

 About the Americans, Macmillan, the 1960s UK prime minister, wrote:” we the English to the Americans are like the Greeks to the Romans. The Greeks were cleverer and had management in their hands and did not tell the Romans.” Peter Wright, an MI5 spy, writes in his “Spy Catcher”: we had been taught to put the Americans in front of us and pretend they were in control. This appeased them.” Tony Blair, the clever prime minister of Churchill’s echelon, writes in his political memoirs:” the Americans have to be told what to do and what not to.” The US was engaged in the Iraq war because the UK goaded it in. Barack Obama , the Former US President, was ready to dispatch ground forces to Syria. He asked for the UK company and the UK Commons rejected the offer. As a result the US did not make ground interference in Syria. John Bolton, the former National security advisor, writes in his political memoirs “The Room Where it Happened” that: when Iran shot down the US drone we decided to enter war. Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State recommended to get the UK along.” London was busy coping with the troubles of BREXIT from the EU and did not respond the US request. Therefore, no war happened between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Preservation of the NATO Organization as London’s military arm at the US cost is vital for the UK. McMillan has written” the covert goal of forming NATO was grounding the US in defense of Europe;” making Russia, China and Iran target, as “enemy”, as a foil aimed at misleading the public opinion and the elite , which brings with it an enormous amount of arms turnover, occupation and the Space Army. Joe Biden, the US President, regarding the UK-built atomic submarines for Australia said that they were clumsy about the matter. Seventy years ago, Churchill said that the Americans are clumsy and need be directed. They adopt the right policy when they have exhausted all the wrong ways.

With Brexit from the EU, the rivalry between the UK and France has begun. Ordering Australia, member of the Commonwealth, to exit military cooperation with France by the UK was along those lines. Enmity with Vladimir Putin, who is ready for any cooperation with America, and with Xi Jinpin, who has declared he does not intend to confront the US are pretexts for London to pursue  its covert political aims on the UK policy-making rail. Great Britain has managed by sticking to the US under “special relations” continue the Churchilian International Order. With London’s glasses on, such a policy would be admirable and teachable and the queen awarded the national medal to Blair, the Iraq War Prime Minister. Tony Blair is being pursued by the UK Civil Societies as a war criminal. America has not entered any war in West Asia without the UK. With the above-mentioned documents, we can correct the US Containment Policy and focus more on the softener hub, that is London, for managing the US behavior.    

 (The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the IPIS)

[1] Why NATO survived Trump?


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